When does the end of suffering come?

Deepak Chopra
Alternative & Complementary Medicine
At the end of the journey lies a state of absolutes. Freedom isn'tbeing free from this or that - it is absolute freedom. Joy isn'tjoy in this or that - it is absolute joy. So it is with power,intelligence, creativity, and existence. When we experience thesethings in duality, we are gaining only a faint flavor of them. Fromthe perspective of the relative world, the absolute isunimaginable. The ancient sages could only define it by negation:unborn, undying, unmoving, impenetrable, and invulnerable, withoutany quality and yet having every quality.

At the outset I said that suffering is the pain that threatens totake away meaning. So in my own personal vision of the end of thespiritual path, I don't see an end at all. Meaning continues toexpand eternally, and it does this through those two divine forceswe call life and love. The end of suffering comes at that preciseinstant when you can say, "I am life, and I am love." Yourawareness merges into creation as the observed, the observer, andthe act of observation. Others have imagined God as an eyeoverlooking Creation, including every atom in its gaze. This may beso, but for me this gaze will not be divine unless it looks withlove. Love ignites the spark of life and gives it a worth that isinfinite.

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