What does my ego do to me?

Deepak Chopra
Alternative & Complementary Medicine
The ego does you a terrible disservice by throwing you into a world of opposites. Opposites always conflict -- that's the only way they know -- and who can feel at home in the middle of a fight? It's much easier to keep up the fight between good and evil, holy and profane, us and them. But as awareness grows, these opposites begin to calm down in their clashes, and something else emerges -- a world you feel at home in. Awareness offers an alternative beyond the fray.
James Smith
James Smith on behalf of MDLIVE

Your ego lies to you about your worth and your responsibility.  Your ego is built on the foundational notions that you are "not worthy" and you are "not responsible."  In response, we spend our lives trying to be better than the next person, or thinking we are better than the next person, or thinking we are worse off than the next person, or that our life has no purpose or meaning, or that our life has more meaning than anyone else's. 

When we believe our ego, we believe that others make us happy, or that that others make us angry, or sad.  Then, on a deeper level, we resent others for controlling our emotional world.  This makes positive relationships very difficult to maintain.

Most of us inhabit our ego to the degree that who we believe we are is our ego.  But our ego is created and maintained by the attention paid to it and the belief afforded it by our authentic self.  The ego is like the machines that try to take over their creators, as in the movie the "Terminator."  The ego is meant to work for us, not replace us.


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