How do I change my reality to stop suffering?

Deepak Chopra
Alternative & Complementary Medicine
There is a state of non-suffering inside you: it is simple and open awareness. By contrast, the state of suffering is complicated: In its attempts to wrestle with pain, the ego refuses to see that the answer could be as simple as simply learning to be. Any steps that get you to stop clinging to complications will bring you closer to the simple state of healing. Complications occur as thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and hidden emotional debts and resistance.

For this exercise, take anything in your life that is bringing you a sense of deep unease, discomfort or suffering. You can choose something that has persisted for years or something that is at the forefront in your life right now. Whether there is a physical component or not is unimportant, but if you pick a chronic physical disorder, don't approach this exercise as a cure. We are dealing with the patterns of perception that encourage you to hold on to suffering. Now sit by yourself for at least 5 minutes a day for the next month with the intention of clearing away the following complications: disorder, stress, empathic suffering, negativity, inertia (meaning giving in to old habits and conditioning), toxic relationships, beliefs, and energy and sensations.

This may seem like a stiff regimen, but you are being asked to spend only 5 minutes per day on any one of these areas. Tiny steps bring big results. The simple state of awareness is nature's default position; suffering and the complications that keep it going are unnatural -- it wastes energy to maintain all that complexity. By working toward a simpler state every day, you are doing the best anyone can do to bring suffering to an end by cutting out the roots of unreality.

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