Can pleasure relieve my suffering?

Deepak Chopra
Alternative & Complementary Medicine
It is natural for the ego to seek pleasure, thinking that once itis found, happiness is the result. Pleasure is not an antidote forpain, however. If you are suffering, no amount of pleasurableexperience from the outside will relieve your anguish. Thisdisproves the ego's assumptions, but still there is no need torenounce pleasure. Instead we have to acknowledge that happinesscomes from another source. What is that source? It is theunchanging essence that lies within.

As the ancient sages declared, we all know what it's like to wakeup from a dream. Spirit is known just as easily. After youexperience a moment of waking up to it, the dream of pleasurebecomes unreal. This waking up needs to occur over and over. Youneed to notice those instances of alert, joyful, alive, free,unbounded being. They come and go, but not like the things thatchange all around us. Essence comes and goes like the sun, whichonce free of clouds, can be seen to shine constantly.

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