Is perception flexible enough to let go of addiction to duality?

Deepak Chopra
Alternative & Complementary Medicine
Rest assured that perception is flexible enough to let go of theaddiction to duality. Any event can be seen as coming from the creative center in oneself. At this very moment I can look at any part of my life and say "I made that." Then it is only one step away to ask "Why did I make that?" and "What do I want to make instead?"

Let's take an example: You stop at a red light on the way home, but the car behind you doesn't stop and rear-ends you. When you jump out to confront the other driver, he is not apologetic. Sullenly, he begins to give you his insurance information.

In the operating system of duality the following implications come into play:
  • This stranger doesn't have my best interests in mind.
  • If he is lying, I could be left with all the damages.
  • I am the aggrieved party, and he should recognize that.
  • I may have to force him to cooperate.
As these ideas come into play, consider the possibility that the car accident didn't cause them -- they were already imprinted in your mind. You aren't seeing the situation as it really is but only through your programmed perception.

In a different operating system the following implications are equally valid:
  • This accident was no accident; it's a reflection of myself.
  • This stranger is a messenger.
  • When I find out why this event happened, I will uncover some aspect of myself.
  • I need to pay more attention to some kind of hidden or stuck energy.
  • When I deal with it, I will be glad this accident happened.
Does the second viewpoint seem impossible, or a matter of wishful thinking? Actually, it is the natural way to perceive the situation from the viewpoint of one reality. The larger viewpoint is more generous to you and to the other driver. You aren't antagonists but, rather, equal players in a scene that is trying to tell both of you something. The larger viewpoint holds no blame. It puts responsibility equally on every player and allows equally for growth. A car accident is neither right nor wrong -- it is an opportunity to reclaim who you are, a creator. If you walk away with a result that moves you closer to your true self, you have grown, so even the ego's demand to win is satisfied by the experience of one reality.

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