How do I break through the illusion of numbness?

Deepak Chopra
Alternative & Complementary Medicine
Grief is a wrenching emotion and therefore one of the most threatening. Those we love have been taken inside us and made apart of who we are. When they die or are threatened by crisis, wefeel that our own being has been attacked. To the unconscious mind,there is a real threat that we are going to die with them. By goingnumb instead of grieving, your ego pretends that the loss isn'tagonizing, that the threat is not so grave as it actually is.

Grief falls into the rare category of being a necessary suffering.You have to go through it before you can release it back to thelight. Have patience with your grief. In this period of necessarysuffering comes a great sense of purification. The sting of deathis no longer quite as anguishing. The possibility of letting in thelight once again becomes real.

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