How do I break through the illusion of helplessness?

How we perceive our feelings of helplessness will be a major factor in overcoming it. When we move we are forced to look inside and examine our vulnerabilities so we can bring light to what within us needs to be refined and change.   
Accept Life on Life’s Terms:  Acceptance of what is happening in our lives can be so painful that we want to come out of our skin. However, life requires flexibility as a way to bend us and change us. Acceptance is empowering. This is the first step in getting grounded. Accepting what IS.

Rest:  When carrying a burden becomes exhausting because we are not finding any relief in being able to put the burden There is no rush or reward for how fast we climb. If we need to rest then rest, just don't give up and go back down to the bottom because we think we can no longer climb. 

Gratitude:  We must look down and be grateful for how far we have come, and remember all the blood, sweat and tears it took to get to the half way mark. Keep going or all that pain to get this far will have been for nothing.

Get back to Center: If on the climb we need to stop for a minute to get centered, then do so. It is wasteful to worry if we cannot see an end in sight when we look up to see how far we have left to go. We must get our thoughts gathered, dig deep and show ourselves that no matter what, nothing will knock us down. 

Keep Pressing Forward: As we keep moving we will continue to take complete ownership of our life because we possess the qualities of tough-mindedness and perseverance. We have to love ourselves all the way to the top. Our self-control and hard-nosed belief in this climb will take us to places beyond our comprehension.

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Loving Yourself: The Mastery of Being Your Own Person

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Loving Yourself: The Mastery of Being Your Own Person

The purpose of this book is to set you free to be who you really are. As you love who you are you will find that you move through life holding your head slightly high and your chest will be expanded and open for love and receiving. Your neck will be long and lean, your throat open showing you are always ready to share and relate. You will know who you are and therefore will feel comfortable to be fully expressed. You will no longer worry about what others think of you. Why? Because you love yourself flaws and all. When you love your Self, and have your boundaries in place, there is not much that can take you off center for too long. This book encourages you to shine in your own full expression in this beautiful life where you know you are loved just for being exactly who you are.
Deepak Chopra
Alternative & Complementary Medicine
When you intend to accomplish something, you set things in motion within yourself. An intention to walk, for example, activates the motor centers of the brain along with balance, heart rate, blood pressure -- in fact, the whole mind-body system goes into walking mode.

Healing works exactly the same way. Unlike walking, however, the intention to heal requires a transformation that can only be brought about by spirit, for spirit controls all energies, including those in your body. When you intend to heal, you breakdown the illusion of helplessness. To do so, clearly visualize your intended outcome. This could be increased physical and mental capacity, energy, vitality, enthusiasm for life, and a sense of connection with the creative power of the universe, joy, and love. Nurture this intended outcome in your heart. Let it incubate through meditation, and soon you will be inspired to make choices that will allow you to step out of helplessness and into a state of inner strength and power.

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