What does it mean there'll only be love when all is me and mine?

Deepak Chopra
Alternative & Complementary Medicine
Ego, too, gets redeemed. Only then do you realize what an amazingtrick God has pulled, to make the villain of the piece its finalhero. When you see that you are pure being, separation ends. Thegap between you and your soul is closed and - presto! - everythingin creation belongs to you. In one stroke you fulfill the ego'sreason to exist, not by defeating it but by giving it what itwants. Individual ego rises to the status of cosmic ego. Looking inall directions, you see only being, which is yourself. Theexperience shatters the ego's fear and loneliness. Ego may be thelast to see that all it wanted was God's love, yet in the end itdoes. In the healing of separation, love becomes real, never to betaken away. Just as the ego shared your purpose when life was astruggle, it can now share your new purpose, which is joyful play.The drama of light and dark, it turns out, was a romantic comedyall along.

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