Can I accept anyone as myself?

Deepak Chopra
Alternative & Complementary Medicine
Shared experience excludes no one. Even those we label as evil oras wrongdoers are enclosed in the whole drama. The ego plays outone drama at a time, saying, "This is what's happening to me,everything else comes second."

But in truth the whole drama is happening to you. Your consciousmind tunes in to one small scene, yet at deeper levels you areparticipating in everything that goes on - not just my happiness,my sorrow, my triumph, my understanding, but the happiness, sorrow,triumph, and understanding of humanity. Your next thought adds tothe shared experience we will all tap into; the next thoughts ofcountless people you've never met are adding to your nextexperience. This is what it means to be contained within eachother. Once you see that experience is always shared, you canaccept others, however different they appear to be, as yourself.

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