How does therapy treat schizotypal personality disorder?

Mark Moronell, MD
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Different forms of therapy can teach people with schizotypal personality disorder strategies to live and cope with the illness. Family therapy can be beneficial for them and their relatives, since personality disorders tend to negatively affect relationships. Family therapy offers a chance for relatives to discuss the impact of schizotypal personality disorder in their lives and learn new ways to interact.

Behavioral therapies work by helping the affected people recognize unhealthy and harmful behaviors. In therapy, they learn new, more productive behaviors that may be difficult at first but reduce distress over time.

Cognitive therapy is another form of therapy that teaches people to identify negative or harmful patterns of thinking. In cognitive therapy, a person with schizotypal personality disorder can learn to change patterns of thinking into more positive and healthy thoughts. People in cognitive and behavioral therapies improve with the aid of assigned homework and exercises performed outside of therapy sessions.

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