How can I manage my borderline personality disorder?

Advice from people who have successfully managed this illness includes:

  • Set clear, realistic goals.
  • Be patient with yourself.
  • Develop methods to manage specific problem behaviors.
  • Avoid alcohol and street drugs.
  • Accept the responsibility for managing your illness.
  • Make a written schedule every day so your time is structured.
  • Make every effort to follow your schedule.
  • Find a satisfying job.
  • Make and keep at least one good friend.
  • Work hard at being honest in therapy.
  • Take medication if prescribed.
  • Learn to express your feelings directly and appropriately.
  • Remember you can't always change the way you feel, but you can always change what you do about it.
  • Find a balance between work and fun.
  • Choose healthy role models.

Certain life events are especially stressful for people with this illness and increase the risk of relapse: therapist's or other vacations; change in job, housing or finances; change in significant relationships; birthdays, anniversary dates, and holidays; increased job pressure or promotion; discharge from a hospital or program; changes in physical health, including pregnancy, abortion, trauma or illness. Patients can plan ahead for these events by carefully following self-management measures and watching for increasing symptoms. If signs of relapse appear, there should be a specific plan decided in advance for actions that can be taken (e.g. brief hospitalization, medications, increased structure, etc).

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