Does virtual coaching require any specific skills?

To perform virtual coaching sessions you have to be committed to your program and know how to navigate your computer to access the sessions with your coach.  During the initial consultation with your virtual coach, time should be dedicated to setting up your computer with the right software to ensure that your sessions run smoothly.  Once your computer is set up and you have a clear understanding of how to access your sessions and programs, then two critical skills you will need are time management and proper exercise execution.  These are not difficult skills, but ones that should be emphasized if you are to be successful at reaching your goals.  Time management is important because it will be up you to perform the exercise programs on your own without a coach there to personally guide you through your program or to motivate you to push yourself harder.  Proper exercise execution is important because it will allow you to maximize the results you get from your program and decrease your chances of injury.

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