What is unique about online training?

Online training is unique because it gives you the opportunity to work with a virtual personal trainer from anywhere in the world, at times that are convenient for you, and at an affordable rate -something that is not usually offered with live coaching sessions. Online coaching is becoming more popular and research has shown that internet-based programs can be as effective as live personal training sessions with a more efficient and cost-effective delivery method (Steele, 2009). Some of the main reasons that people stop using live personal trainers are that they have too many obligations (family and work) and the cost can be prohibitive. With online coaching, people are now able to access trainers on their own time without the burden of the commute, cost in gas, and possibly the cost of a gym membership. Online trainers still hold their virtual clients accountable as if they were training them in person so you will most likely be asked to keep daily food and exercise logs and do weekly phone, email, and/or text message check-ins to discuss your program. Online coaching is unique because of the flexibility it offers people who claim they have little time for the gym but who need the support and guidance of a coach to reach their personal goals.

Online training provides you with all the benefits of an in-person personal trainer, but allows you to complete your workouts wherever, and whenever, you want each day. Online training provides much more freedom and is becoming an extremely popular option for those wanting the guidance and support of a personal trainer, but who also live very hectic lifestyles. With online training you are not required to meet your trainer at the gym at a specific time each week. Perhaps you don’t even like to go to the gym. Perhaps you prefer to workout in the comfort of your own home. No worries! Your online trainer will design a program specifically for you, based on your goals, wants, and needs.

Online training is also generally more affordable than in-person training. Most online trainers will offer a one month training package at the same rate they usually charge to train a client in-person for one hour. Another great benefit of online training is that it gives you the opportunity to be trained by the fitness professional of your choice - no matter where they live. As an online personal trainer I love the fact that I am able to train, and help people reach their fitness goals, from all over the world.

Online fitness training opens up new possibilities for the trainer/client relationship.  Traditional training generally involves one-on-one, face-to-face workout sessions in a gym, fitness facility or home during which the trainer helps/guides the client through each exercise or component of the program during an actual workout.

In the online space, the client enjoys a number of benefits including:

  • Affordability – a typical live session costs considerably more than online training
  • Flexibility – clients can train on their schedule at their convenience in a location of their choice
  • Accountability – Trainers set expectations and clients learn to be responsible for their actions and behavior by truly committing to a program and becoming educated
  • Variety – Online training offers the client a wide variety of options for activity and for mixing up workouts regardless of the training location; more variety equates to less burnout and boredom
  • Lifestyle Change – clients can learn new behaviors and how to eliminate obstacles and stay committed to  their own success
  • Accessibility- clients and trainers are can be connected from any remote location using an online system and connectivity is crucial to long-term success

In addition, the trainer takes on more of a coaching role, providing the client with the tools and resources needed to successfully reach and maintain their goals.  The online trainer offers motivation, guidance and expertise along with personalized program design and delivers this service on the client’s terms.  The client is in control of his/her fitness future at all times.

I have been an virtual fitness coach for over 10 years and I agree with all of the above and in recent years it also is the ability through Sharecare of other sites to build a community of likeminded people.  

Believe it or not meeting people in a gym is very difficult and honestly meeting and making friends in a online community is much easier than most fitness facilities.

So yes you get personal attention, yes the programs are effective and you get to do it on your own and yes the pricing is cheaper but even more importantly there is a community of support and help that is built that makes long-term success in fitness that much more possible.

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