Can a personal trainer help me improve my posture?

Yes. Working with a certified personal trainer can help restore proper postural alignment. Proper posture allows for optimal motion by the body. By taking you through the appropriate assessments, a personal trainer can identify potential limitations which may be affecting your posture. Once identified, they can create an exercise program designed to correct and restore your posture. Proper posture ensures that forces are properly absorbed and distributed throughout the body.

Personal Trainer can help restore posture with Corrective Exercise. Your trainer can perform a assessment that evaluates the neuromuscular efficiency of their entire kinetic chain.They can also design an exercise program for the specific needs of the individual.

Posture is everything when it comes to exercise. If you are exercising properly then your posture will align itself. You will always hear a trainer walk you through any exercise and correct you if you are doing it improperly. Improper exercise can cause injury.

You also want to be sure that you are in the right position for the muscle group that you want to work. The slightest movement or imperfection in a movement can change your muscular goal or worse tear a muscle.

So yes a personal trainer can help you improve your posture.

Absolutely! Using assessments like the overhead squat, trainers can identify postural distortion patterns. Once your trainer has identified these patterns they can then build a corrective exercise program to improve your posture. 

Improving your posture has many benefits including decreasing the risk of injury, alleviating stress on joints and increasing functional strength.

Definitely! By using a movement assessment, qualified trainers can identify overactive and underactive muscles and help you correct some of the imbalances through SMR, stretching and strength training. However, lifestyle changes usually need to made as well to help improve your posture. For example, if you sit at a desk most of the day, a trainer may recommend that you take breaks to foam roll and stretch your overactive muscles.

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