Why should I have a personal trainer?

Dr. Vonda Wright, MD
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Sometimes we all need a helping hand, and a personal fitness trainer can be just the right addition to your fitness plan. A personal trainer can assist you in evaluating your fitness level, planning a program, and keeping you motivated. Sometimes you need someone standing over your shoulder to push yourself to the next level.
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There are many reasons why you should have a personal trainer.  Unfortunately for a lot of people life gets in the way of their health.  We all grow up start working full time jobs, have families and spend more time taking care of other people than ourselves.  We tend to lose track of what we should be doing for our health or even how to do it.  Personal training is one of those benefits that can help us get back on track.  Personal trainers help guide you, motivate you and educate you on what you need to do to have that healthy body you are looking for.  Having someone push you when you can't push yourself is always good.  Knowing you have that teacher that will guide you to give you the results you want in the safest way possible is great too.  Not everyone can workout on their own and get the results they want.  This is why personal trainers are here to help you.

Although there are many reasons to have a trainer below are probably some of the best.

  • Awareness - A trainer makes you aware of what you are currently doing what what you need to do reach your goals
  • Encouragement - A trainer is there to believe in you, be your cheerleader and make you feel good about the journey to greater fitness
  • Motivation - It is different than encouragement because encouragement is more of a cheerleader and motivation is more like a coach.  A trainer pushes you to a new level of intensity that you usually will not do on your own.
  • Education - Different than awareness, it is not enough to just know what you are doing and what you should be doing, a trainer will educate their clients on how to get there.
  • Results - You hire a trainer because under their guidance you get results that most cannot get on their own
  • Team - Doing anything alone is never as good as being in communion with someone and we all as humans want to Never Walk Alone
  • Accountability - Being accountable to yourself is good but generally being accountable to someone else who you know cares for you but will hold you accountable for your actions can be extremely beneficial
Do you have fitness goals that you need to reach?  Do you think you can reach those goals on your own?  
These are a couple of questions to ask yourself when considering hiring a personal trainer. Do you think an athlete could stay at his or her best without a coach?

Fitness professionals exist to help people reach and maintain their personal fitness goals whether the goal is weight loss, bodybuilding, toning or sport performance enhancement. We get you to your goals safely and keep you there.

Many people join a gym with the intentions of "getting in shape" but the truth is they don’t know how. They don’t know what to do to get where they need to be so the gym membership ends up a big waste of money. The other route is they will join the gym and go consistently but get little to no results because they are going about it all wrong.
A personal trainer will help guide you in the right direction to your fitness goals. You will then be able to hold your trainer accountable to your success and in turn your trainer will hold you accountable to the things that you need to be doing also.

Sometimes people need that extra push in the right direction. This is what trainers are here for. We are professionals specializing in fitness just as a medical doctor specializes in medicine. Some people think it's just exercise, I can do that myself but what people don't understand is that there is a science to the exercise. Proper movement and technique are essential otherwise it could cause injury.

A personal trainer is beneficial for everyone. No matter what your fitness level may be, a certified professional may be able to advance you to the next level. Think of it this way, all professional athletes have trainers who help them both on and off season. If they put their trust in one then maybe you should as well.

Benefits include but are not limited to:

  • Designing a program based on your needs
  • Helping you stick with your exercise
  • Keep you motivated
  • Introducing you to new exercise
  • Ensure proper form preventing injury
  • Potentially guiding you with sound nutritional advice

The benefits can go on and on. Try working with a trainer for a few sessions and hopefully you will continue!

Three good reasons to consider certified personal trainer are safety, planning, and accountability.

Injury is a possibility when people begin a training program without qualified instruction. Exercising or lifting weights incorrectly can strain muscles, cause back or knee injuries and set you back even further than when you started.

A personal trainer helps you to become aware of correct body position and movements that avoid injury. Trainers make sure you are using the correct weight for each exercise, correct form, number of repetitions, range of motion, and speed of the movement (usually slow and controlled). The goal of a personal trainer is effective, quality movements that will get you results safely.

A Plan
A trainer creates an effective and individualized plan. The plan is based on a personal assessment of your physical abilities or limitations, previous injuries, and your personal goals. They will track your progress and modify the plan as needed. The trainer's goal for you is results.
The National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) trainers design programs using a training model that progressively challenges your body for optimum performance.

Certified personal trainers have the knowledge and education to keep you moving in the right direction. A trainer’s job is to keep you motivated and moving, whether you feel like it or not. With a trainer, you have someone to answer to for what you did outside the gym and whether you are sticking to your plan. A trainer also has the ability - seemingly cruel but effective - to push you farther than you thought you could go. And when a goal is reached, they are there to celebrate your success.
Having a personal trainer provides you with what I believe to be the most major factor in success with weight loss and exercise plans: accountability. Think about it, if you know you have someone waiting for you at the gym, you are more likely to show up on a regular basis than if you have no one waiting for you. Similar to having an appointment with a hairdresser, when you make an appointment, you are accountable for showing up, most often you do not just walk in to a salon to see your hairdresser.

Knowing someone has scheduled time to work with you, you are less likely to drive by the gym on your way home from and not stop as you would be tempted to do if you did not have that trainer waiting for you.
A personal trainer is going to take time, sit down with you and ask you what you want to get out of sessions, what your goals are, how long they have been goals and how they can help you achieve those goals. The trainer will weigh you in, take measurements, collect data and involve you in how to change that data to meet your goals.

An exercise plan including both cardio and resistance training in addition to stretching will be formulated and you will leave feeling that your plan in place was created by you with guidance from a trainer.
For each subsequent session, you will have your own personal cheerleader at the gym to tell you how many burpees to do or to correct your form when doing bent over rows or how many seconds are left on your treadmill intervals.

Most important again is that you will have accountability. You have someone relying on you, someone that wants you to succeed and will help you reach your goals. 
Great question! A knowledgeable trainer can provide evidence-based programs, motivation, accountability and behavioral modification to help you reach your goals. In short, a trainer is a valuable resource and most importantly is a part of your team to help you achieve!

Personal trainers provide important support to someone trying to make positive changes in their fitness levels and body appearance. Having a trainer ensures that you are receiving feedback on proper technique to avoid injury, doing the best exercises to achieve your goal, and provides accountability and motivation to keep you moving towards that goal.

There are lots of good reasons to have a personal trainer.  If you are new to exercise, A trainer will instruct you on proper form of exercises.  This is crucial to prevent injuries.  The trainer can instruct you, then monitor you, and correct any mistakes.  A trainer can put together a comprehensive program, incorporating cardio and strength training, and even flexibility.  A trainer can also be your biggest cheer leader.  If you are paying your trainer, you are much less likely to blow off your workout.

Personal trainers can be very helpful on many different levels.

  • They take a health history and perform thorough movement evaluation to see where you should start.
  • They help to train your kinesthetic awareness --making sure that your exercises are being done properly with the correct movements.
  • They change up your program regularly so that you do not plateau.
  • They recommend new exercises to keep the program interesting, preventing monotony.
  • They have nutritional knowledge.

I personally see clients based on their need. Some have a great exercise background and motivation so I will see them once in a while to update their program and make sure they are staying on track. However, some I see many times a week so they have that extra accountability.

A personal trainer can benefit clients in many ways. A trainer can design a program specific to your needs after doing a proper assessment. This personalized program can help correct muscle imbalances, help you avoid injury and train you for any sports or recreational activities that you enjoy. For those who are not familiar with exercising, a trainer can help teach proper form so that you get the most out of your workout. Finally, a trainer can help you adhere to your exercise plan and modify it when needed so that you get great results. Whether you see a trainer for just a few sessions to get yourself on the right track or meet with one long-term until you reach your goals, a personal trainer can be a great asset in your road to fitness.

There are many excellent reasons to have a personal trainer to work with you.
First, they can observe and evaluate you with respect to your goals, lifestyle and whatever weaknesses or setbacks you have towards reaching your goals.

Then they can design an exercise program that is fit perfectly just for YOU.

That's just the start. After your personal trainer puts together an exercise program for you, then they will work side by side with you in order to coach you and motivate you to reach the goal(s) you have set for yourself.
It is much easier for you to stay motivated... and hold yourself accountable... if you have a personal trainer there along your side.
Your trainer will show you exercises, and ways to do those exercises that will bring you the best results for your time and effort in the gym.

In addition, they can help guide you in the right direction as far as what foods to eat and how often you should be eating those foods.

These are just some of the many reasons you should consider hiring a personal trainer. There are so many benefits I could mention. But hey.....

If you really want some good reasons this is what you should do......

Find someone who is already working with a personal trainer and ask them all the things they like about it, and how it has benefitted them.

No doubt you will have a long list of reasons coming from somebody who is already experiencing great results.
Robert DeVito
Many Personal Trainers are compassionate, highly educated, experts of their field. Choosing the right trainer can be a rewarding experience. You will benefit from increased accountability, expert direction and better results.

A brief Job Description for Personal Trainers - Motivation, Education and Accountability. A trainer should get you to enjoy what you are doing (or minimally despise it) and motivate you to continue exercising. Workouts that a trainer will provide far exceed the sit down and push experience that most health club goers are provided. Training sessions are creative and versatile, they are functional and transferable to the outside world, they are challenging, progressive and systematic.

Great trainers will also provide education. Many trainers gain knowledge beyond basic fitness certifications by obtaining advanced certifications, degrees or attending specialty workshops.

If you are pregnant, have an existing injury, want to change the appearance of your body or are trying to improve performance then seek out a trainer who has experience and expertise in these areas. The differences can be staggering.

Lastly, a great trainer makes you accountable to yourself. Let’s face it, most of us do not enjoy exercising. A trainer will get you to show up more often than you will on your own. It is an appointment and it will cost you if you do not show up which will improve your attendance rate. Plus, many trainers are charismatic, friendly and funny people! You will enjoy the time you spend with them on a personal and professional level. It will ease times you are not looking forward to working out and improve performance on the days that you are looking forward to.

A trainer can figure out why you are not reaching your goal and help provide long lasting solutions. Chances are your trainer has experience with someone in your situation before. A trainer will have the ability to sit down and explain what it will take for you to achieve the result you are after, or why you are not reaching your current goals. They have experience planning workouts, altering negative behaviors, guiding you through the confusion and mayhem that is popular diet and exercise trends and make sure you make the most efficient and effective choices for the long term. Results are the trainers #1 priority. It is our job, duty and responsibility to be prepared to move you forward faster.

It's a great idea to have a personal trainer whether you are just starting out, or are advanced with your training. They can be that extra push you need to reach your goals. They have the knowledge and training to help you go above and beyond. It's awesome to have someone in your corner pushing you and holding you accountable. They are there for you every step of the way.

It depends on what your goals are. Basically the roll of a personal trainer is to guide people safely towards a healthy, physical fit place. And remember, personal training, in most cases, is a short term thing. You come in, learn what it takes to work out safely and effectively, and then take the reins. 

Trainers provide motivation and encouragement for you to dig deep and not settle for what you can do. We see things in you that you wouldn't normally see and we help you attempt in a normal routine. We shake things up to keep your body guessing and help find creative ways to help make exercise a fun part of your life and to constantly get out of your comfort zone. A helping hand is great when you are needing a jump start and help with breaking bad habits. Nutrition is key to succeeding at any fitness and health goal so we help with that part as well as needed. Personal trainers help measure and track your weight, establish goals to keep stay focused and congratulate you for your efforts. It is accountability and a great relationship with your trainer that will help you achieve more than you thought was possible. I love what I do and helping people rid themselves of the "old them" is the best reward a trainer could ask for. It is a joy to share in the loves and journeys of those willing to work hard for what they need and I am surprised at how far my clients get once they "wake up" to see and experience the life they were giving up by not taking care of their health. It is a truly a blessing!

A personal trainer can help to hold you accountable, motivate you, and apply proper progression to an individualized program.  We are all capable of working out, but when someone else is pushing us we work harder.  Personal trainers have a great deal of knowledge, and are great motivators.  If you are looking to improve your level of fitness, and going it alone isn't yielding results, get a trainer and see if you like it.  
We all have motivation to get healthy and fit. A personal trainer is another way to get motivation to reach our personal goals. It's easy to say you're going to work out or do your training to achieve a goal. But if there is a training plan and someone to answer to, its hard to skip it. Also, if you are paying for a trainer, you are more obligated to stay focused.
Mr. Donovan Green
Athletic Training
A personal trainer is very similar to a road map. His/her job is to guide you in the proper direction, ensuring you get to your goals (destination) safely and efficiently. You do not need to have a trainer for the rest of your life but it is great to have one at some point in your life. A personal trainer will teach you how to execute specific exercises with proper form and help you to avoid injury or possibly death.

Though exercise is essential in life, it can be very dangerous if not done the right way. My recommendation is to hire a trainer at least for the first month before you start your own fitness program. Remember, knowledge is key and personal trainers hold the key to success.

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