Will online coaching help me achieve my goals?

Many people have had great success with online coaching. If you are committed to your trainer, and to your program, then online coaching can certainly help you achieve your goals. The difference between online coaching, and in-person coaching, is that your online trainer cannot actually ‘see’ what you are doing during your workouts. Therefore, you need to be motivated to complete your workouts with 100% effort on your own, and be extremely honest with your trainer when you check-in with them. An online trainer will hold you accountable by having you keep a food diary and require you to check-in with them numerous times throughout the week in regards to how your workouts are going. Check-in options are generally via email, text, phone, or skype. I also personally like to let my clients know that they may contact me anytime for extra support or a little confidence boost if needed.

The main thing with online training if you really want to achieve your goals, is to be motivated enough to complete your workouts on your own, and keep communication with your trainer open and honest. In the end it is your body, your goals, and your health. If you cheat, you are only cheating yourself.

Yes, online coaching can help you reach your goals if you are committed to your program and can dedicate the time for your program on your own.

Online coaching allows you to train with a trainer anywhere (worldwide), at any time, with less hassle, and still get the results you want. Online coaching is becoming more popular and research has shown that internet-based programs can be as effective as live personal training sessions with a more efficient and cost-effective delivery method (Steele, 2009).

Some of the main reasons that people stop using live personal trainers are that they have too many obligations (family and work) and the cost can be prohibitive. With online coaching, people are now able to access trainers on their own time without the burden of the commute, cost in gas, and possibly the cost of a gym membership. Online trainers still hold their virtual clients accountable as if they were training them in person, so you will most likely be asked to keep daily food and exercise logs and do weekly phone, email, and/or text message check-ins to discuss your program.

Online coaching is becoming widely accepted and can offer options to people who claim they have little time for the gym but who need the support and guidance of a coach to reach their personal goals.

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