What is the main attraction of virtual coaching?

Lyn Turton
Nutrition & Dietetics

Virtual coaching is:

  • Convenient - appointments tend to be available outside regular office hours. You can contact your coach anywhere internet access is available.
  • Cost & time effective - no travel time or travel costs
  • As effective at achieving health goals as in-person coaching - studies have shown that the support, motivation & accountability required for successful coaching can be provided effectively via virtual coaching.

There are many attractions to virtual coaching such as being able to train with a trainer anywhere (worldwide), at any time, with less hassle, and still get the results you want.  Virtual training is becoming more popular and research has shown that internet-based programs can be as effective as live personal training sessions with a more efficient and cost-effective delivery method (Steele, 2009).  Some of the main reasons that people stop using live personal trainers are that they have too many obligations (family and work) and the cost can be prohibitive.  With virtual coaching, people are now able to access trainers on their own time without the burden of the commute, cost in gas, and possibly the cost of a gym membership (if you can do your training programs at home).  Virtual coaching is becoming widely accepted and can offer options to people who claim they have little time for the gym but who need the support and guidance of a coach.

One of the main attractions of virtual training is the fact that you are able to train with a highly qualified fitness trainer, based anywhere in the world, at a time and place that suits you. Virtual training does not require you to drive 30 minutes to the gym to meet your personal trainer at 6 am, or any other time that does not really suit you. Working with a virtual trainer allows you to do your daily workouts wherever, and whenever, you choose. You can then touch base with your trainer via email, text, phone, or skype also at a time that suits you. Virtual training really is a perfect solution for an individual who would like all the benefits of training with a personal trainer, but simply cannot commit to meeting a trainer at specific times throughout the week.
Chris Embry

Aside from the obvious benefits like being more cost effective, the convenience factor, and having an experienced professional on your side, the following factors also provide additional reasons:

Support – Friends and family are not always supportive when it comes to your weight loss. It takes daily discipline to lose the weight and keep it off. Not everyone has that discipline and sometimes others put out subconscious roadblocks to keep you from reaching your goals.  Having someone in your corner can give you the strength to keep going.

Accountability – Having to provide weekly updates to another person can be very motivating. When you have to report to your coach, it feels better to report the positive results rather than all the things you didn't do. It can be hard to find the motivation to complete every exercise session you have planned for the week or eat the right things most of the time. Knowing you have someone other than yourself to hold you accountable can keep you on track during those difficult moments.

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