How can I make live training more fun?

Having a live coach can make training more fun if you are open and honest with your coach from the start to ensure that he/she understands what motivates you, what you like and dislike about particular exercises, and how often you like your programs to change.  This information is important for your live coach to know so that he/she can build your programs with your interests and goals in mind.  For example, if you like to do different exercises every time you come in to see your coach, the coach can design your program so that one day you are performing floor bridges for your core and the next session an isometric abdominal exercise (plank).  Both of these exercises focus on core stabilization, but are completely different in nature.  You could also look into doing group training sessions and/or partner training sessions.  These types of sessions are not as personal, but may also help motivate you. There are many ways to make sessions more fun; it is just up to your attitude and communication with your live coach that will determine what works best for you.

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