How can fitness trainers keep people motivated?

Mr. Donovan Green
Athletic Training
Positive reinforcement can go a long toward motivating people. Watch the video to learn what Dr. Oz's personal trainer, Donovan Green, tells his clients to keep them pumped.
Dr. Anita Gupta
Fitness trainers can help motivate people by setting simple goals they want to accomplish in order to reach their longer-range goals. By making the fitness program fun, the routine becomes more enjoyable and motivational. Scheduling a regular workout time will form a habit and will make the person want to work out often so they can see the results and progress their fitness trainers assured them of. A variety of exercise methods should be incorporated into the program to challenge different body parts. Fitness trainers should be positive and constantly push the client with inspirational words about their progress in attaining a new, healthy lifestyle. By relating to the client and their struggles, the fitness trainer can inform the person they’re training on ways to correct the problems he or she is facing in order to see a difference.

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