How does live coaching make working out easier?

Having a live coach makes working out easier for the following key reasons: motivation, education, accountability, and increased results.  Research has demonstrated that working with a fitness professional or live coach will help you effectively change your attitude towards exercise.  A better attitude toward participating in exercise/physical activity will make it more enjoyable, leading to greater adherence and consistency with your program, which ultimately will lead to greater results and success.  Education, another benefit of working with a live coach, will make working out easier because he or she will take the guesswork out of your exercise program allowing you to focus on one thing only, execution.  However, throughout your time working with a live coach, your own education surrounding exercise technique, exercise program design, and proper nutrition based on your goals will increase which will empower you to continue your program confidently on your own.  Having a live coach to keep you accountable to your goals will make working out easier because with him or her you will have a support system- making it less likely for you to stray from your program as you implement the significant lifestyle changes associated with participating in regular exercise. Last and certainly not least, having a live coach makes working out easier because you will get better results.  There is substantial evidence to show that supervised training, such as with a live coach/fitness professional, produces up to 400% greater results when compared to unsupervised training. Better results in less time will lead to increased motivation, making it easier to continue working out.

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