If I have a busy schedule, would online coaching work for me?

Absolutely! The great thing about online training is that your fitness program is designed to fit right into your busy schedule. Online training does not require you to drive down to the gym and meet your personal trainer at 9 am, or any other time that does not really suit you. With an online trainer you are able to do your daily workouts wherever, and whenever, you choose. You can then touch base with your trainer via email, text, phone, or skype also at a time that suits you. Online training really is a perfect solution for the busy person who would like all the benefits of training with a highly qualified personal trainer, but simply cannot commit to meeting for a training session at specific times throughout the week.

Online training also allows you the opportunity to train with top fitness professionals from all over the world, not just the ones who are close to your community. Another bonus to online training is its affordability. Working with a personal trainer online is generally much more affordable than in-person training. Research has also shown online training to be just as effective as in-person training.
Lyn Turton
Nutrition & Dietetics

Online coaching is perfect for people with busy schedules.  There is no travel time required; online appointments are scheduled at a particular time, therefore no waiting room time; follow up appointments may be done by email so information can be read or responded to at a time that suits you.

Online coaching has been shown to be as effective as in-person coaching as the support, motivation and accountability required for successful coaching can be provided virtually.

Virtual training can be an option for you because it works around your busy schedule.  Some of the main reasons that people stop using live personal trainers are that they have too many obligations (family and work) and the cost can be prohibitive.  With virtual coaching, people are now able to access trainers on their own time without the burden of the commute to the gym, time away from their family, and/or other personal commitments.  Research has shown that internet-based programs can be as effective as live personal training sessions with a more efficient and cost-effective delivery method (Steele, 2009). Virtual coaching is becoming widely accepted and can offer options to people who claim they have little time for the gym but who need the support and guidance of a coach.

Dr. Mike Clark, DPT

Absolutely!  Learn more about online coaching by watching this video with Dr. Mike Clark.

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