Aside from exercise routines, how can I benefit from a personal trainer?

Speaking from 20 years of experience, personal trainers are looked to for guidance in most matters involving health for their clients. From diet to choosing the right physician, trainers have become lifestyle coaches and friends to their collective. Sharecare is the perfect aid to coaches/trainers in finding the right resources/solutions for each individual.

Good personal trainers will help keep you accountable by tracking various components of your health and fitness programs. This is highly effective for maintaining your motivation and making course corrections should you hit a plateau in your training. A certified personal trainer will also guide you through the correct technique when performing any exercise. This is extremely important as correct form will help prevent injury and increase the effectiveness of your workout. Learning to move your body correctly is a skill that will stay with you even after you no longer use personal training services.

Brian Sutton , NASM Expert
Sports Medicine
Personal trainers wear many hats but most importantly they can help keep you motivated and consistent with your workout regimen. One of the most important aspects for improved fitness and weight loss is consistency. Personal trainers will help ensure you stay on the right path until your goals are met. Personal trainers can also dispel many of the common myths and fallacies regarding exercise, nutrition, and weight loss. By knowing the facts, you'll be able to reach your goals sooner and with less chance of injury and unnecessary frustration.
A personal trainer is a lot more than someone who tells you what exercises to do.  Working with a personal trainer can be a huge benefit because a trainer can help you stay on track.  A trainer can provide encouragement, help you stay accountable and provide insight into your fitness needs.  They can assist you in setting fitness goals and tracking progress.  A personal trainer can also help ensure you are getting the most out of your exercise routine by working with you to correct any imbalances or distortions in your movements or form. 
A personal trainer should be able to collaboratively work with you to come up with a plan that utilizes their expertise but more importantly incorporates what you enjoy and what is comfortable for you based on your needs. A personal trainer should be friendly and have great communications skills. The benefit for you in this kind of a collaborative relationship is that you feel heard, supported and empowered to move forward in the direction of your choosing. Some other benefits of a personal trainer include: education of the pro's of exercise, safety, accountability, motivation, helping you to set realistic goals, helping you to find ways of overcoming barriers that get in the way of your exercise, and helping you to find the necessary social support to keep you exercising (i.e. friends, family or group exercise classes). 

Not only will a personal trainer show you how to do exercises but they are the ones who will motivate you and hold you accountable.  Because you know that you have someone to update/report into about your weekly nutrition/exercise habits you will be more likely to accomplish to achieve those goals.  If there is no pressure or someone there to push you, it will be easier to give up.
There are many benefits from working with a personal trainer.  These include accountability, safety, education, etc.... When you have a personal trainer you are going be more productive in your workouts. Your trainer will push you to train harder then if you train by yourself. Accountability is important, if you have an appointment with your trainer, you will show up. Your trainer will make sure you are performing your exercises safely and educate you on the importance of what exercise you are doing and why you are doing them.  You can also vent to your trainer. Sometimes it's good to have someone to speak with while you are working out.  The time goes by quicker.
A good trainer keeps you motivated beyond the session. He or she hold you accountable for your totally fitness. This is also a person that you should be able to contact as needed throughout the day to help you resist temptation of bad foods or laziness. It is human interaction that cannot be replaced by a video console or a DVD.

A personal trainer gives you the one-on-one attention ensuring that you are performing the exercises safely and effectively. A personal trainer is also beneficial in taking your exercise program to the next level. Personally, I have to work hard to push myself to do one more repetition, but with a trainer, I get that added motivation and encouragement that we all need from time to time. 

There are times that you may feel you can't do a particular exercise, but with a trainer by your side, you may find yourself overcoming obstacles (that you put in your way) and that confidence carries over to future workouts, and that is priceless. 

There are lots of benefits to having a personal trainer.

1. They can tailor your exercises for you.  Videos and classes are great, but your own trainer will modify exercises based upon your injuries/limitations and will design programs based on your personal goals.

2.  A trainer will watch and correct your form.  The best exercise program doesn't do you any good if you can't execute it with proper form.

3.  A trainer will also be your biggest fan and cheerleader.  Having a trainer is great motivation for working out on the days when just don't feel like doing anything.

4.  A trainer will also know when to change things up with your program, so that you are not doing the same routine all the time.  Your muscles adapt to the stresses put upon them, and changing gears is helpful for growth and plateau busting.

Having a personal trainer can be like having your own personal cheerleader. I had a personal trainer myself a couple of years ago and he was very helpful with reminding me to stay focused and keeping me excited about it. I knew I had someone else counting on me to stay on track and it was very motivating for me. We became really good friends and are still to this day.
Gigi Gregory

For many having a personal trainer is the best, and sometimes the only support system they have when trying to stay motivated. Especially when the goal is to lose a considerable amount of weight. Sometimes friends and family can unintentionally lead them away from their focus. It is times like that when a trainer can be most valuable to a client. By being available for that client even when not in the gym, the trainer can keep them from making mistakes that they might later regret. Also by keeping the exercises fun, safe and always changing up routines, clients are more interested in staying with it longer.

A personal trainer can be a wonderful boost to a dry or drained routine. Now is the time to note that not every trainer is right for every client and vice versa. Rather, it is important to remain open minded with your trainer and be honest with him or her and expect the same from him or her. Additionally, a personal trainer could offer invaluable fitness and nutrition counseling, i.e. educating the client with intent and hope the client will use the newly obtained knowledge and help a friend. Those are a couple of examples where a client can benefit from a personal trainer.

Quality personal trainers are not just concerned with your workout routine and the one hour of time they spend with you. Your personal trainer should become a life coach, that resource you can turn to for advice in fitness, exercise, basic nutrition, healthy ways of dealing with stress, motivation and much more.

A personal trainer should be someone you feel comfortable enough with to consider as a friend that is there to track your progress and hold you accountable to your goals. They should be a life-changer with a knack for supplying the motivational drive you need to succeed. They are the person that can lift you up on your bad days, and get you to the gym when you most feel like staying on that couch...

Get Up, Get Out, and Get Going...

A personal trainer brings more than just exercises to a session. A trainer helps to keep you accountable to consistent training, safe by keeping your form during exercise correct, and motivated. When you put all that together you have a great partner to help you reach your goals.


We trainers help you to transform yourself into what you desire. Weight gain, weight loss, muscle tone, abdominal sculpting, body building, pre-natal and post-partum, whatever it is you need. We trainers custom design a program for you and then hold you accountable to do the work. 

We ourselves work out every day to maintain our fitness levels. We live and lead by example and see the changes before you can. We believe in you until you can see what we see. We helped you achieve a small step toward a bigger goal. Everyone needs someone to believe in them. The truth is people relax after working out. Every trainer has their client and every client has their trainer. We help you to transform yourself and your lifestyle.   

Many trainers often state the beginning is the hardest for client and trainer due to the contemplation factor. Trainers will help you through contemplation but this stage can take a while. If you find someone you think is a good trainer for you, ask the trainer. We trainers are usually receptive to giving consultations.

When you are contemplating a trainer and say "I can do this myself", I remind people of the toilet. We use it daily yet if we do not take care of it, things happen. We call a plumber and they fix it. A toilet expert fixed the toilet. 

Know, the majority of Certified Personal Trainers are awesome!  Like any industry, you may find some personalities not for you and that is the beauty of fitness. There is truly a personal trainer that is the best trainer for you and your needs. A fitness expert will help you succeed in fitness regardless of shape, size, gender or color. Myself and others have been personal trainers through injuries and pregnancy, we definitely transformed ourselves and have that as experience. 

I personally refer to myself as a fitness coach. I coach people old and young, to help them find their way back to health and fitness. This is a passion and lifestyle for me since I was a child. If you need help transforming your life for the better, get on the path to health and wellness so you can change. Get a personal trainer/coach/fitness expert and you can get started on the path to health and wellness and become all you are meant to be.  

Personal trainers provide a wide range of services as well as feedback and information. Some of which includes:

  • A balanced workout that will lead you to your goals.
  • Help you feel and realize good lifting technique. Sometimes a new exercise is introduced that your body needs to get used to or just someone to watch and see when your muscles have reached fatigue and shows in your form.
  • Stretching is a service that some personal trainers will charge a separate fee for and some will include it into your workout session. Providing a passive stretch has great benefits and feels great.
  • Some days you may not feel like working out--even on the days you are ready for a good workout, your personal trainer will push you to go farther. Making sure you are properly challenged and not falling into a plateau.
  • Personal trainers also tend to field many nutritional questions even though they are not registered dietitians--nutrition and exercise tend to go hand in hand.
  • Changing your lifestyle to lose weight or to reach any of your fitness/sports goals, it is a benefit to anyone to have a great cheering section. Support is sometimes what keeps us going in the right direction and keeping proper perspective!

A personal trainer has many purposes other than exercise routines. They ultimately hold you accountable. They watch your form to ensure you are performing an exercise safely and effectively. They can help to keep your nutrition on track. A personal trainer is essentially the one stop shop for a person looking for an individualized comprehensive exercise wellness program.

Besides not having to think about what routine you are doing, having someone else to pay attention to your form, remind you to stretch, cool down, warm-up etc. which are all benefits of having a trainer, having a personal trainer is giving yourself some accountability, you benefit because you are less likely to let down another person as you are yourself unfortunately. As humans we don't give ourselves enough credit for what we are capable of physically, mentally and emotionally so relying on a trainer benefits us because we are accountable to another human.

Motivation, Motivation, and Motivation!! The top 10 reasons my clients say they chose the help of a personal trainer are:

  1. Motivation (obviously #1)
  2. Accountability
  3. How to properly warm up, cool down and stretch.
  4. How to set goals.
  5. Help with recognizing bad habits, physically and nutritionally.
  6. Help with taking responsibility for bad habits.
  7. Help with replacing bad habits with new ones.
  8. Measuring and tracking results.
  9. Help with making sure their form was correct thus reducing/eliminating their risk of injury.
  10. Help with staying consistent.

A good trainer will "TRAIN" you so that you should be able to one day confidently and independantly do it on your own when you feel you are ready.

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