How should I manage my healthcare if I don't have insurance?

Taking care of yourself is crucial. Exercise and proper nutrition will assist in achieving your best possible health state. Taking advantage of community health fairs is a great option for obtaining education on the prevention of illness and for receiving basic risk factor screening for conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes or osteoporosis. Some health fairs may also offer pneumonia or flu vaccines at no cost or at a reduced rate.  Other options include: contacting your county health department or community college for health-related services (such as medical and dental care) that may be offered on a sliding fee scale based on your income, becoming aware of medical facilities that offer mobile mammograms, and colon and prostate cancer screenings at a reduced rate. Of course realize that unforseen events such as an accident or symptoms which hinder your daily functioning may require treatments or specialized testing which can be costly. 

Joane Goodroe

We only have control over some factors that affect our health. You can lead a very healthy life (weight control, regular exercise, etc...) and still develop health problems. Many people do everything "right" and then may develop a problem with their health or become a victim of an accident. This is why the health care bill may require everyone to buy health insurance. It is best to acquire health insurance. You can also check to see if you qualify for a government program like Medicaid.  

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