How should I give myself an anticoagulant injection?

First, get ready for the injection:

1) Wash your hands.

2) Remove the cap from the syringe. Check to see if the black tip on
    the syringe plunger is even with the line for the dose you should
    take. If the syringe contains more medication that you should have in
    a dose, you may have to not use all of the medication.

3) In a prefilled syringe, you may see a bubble. If the prefilled syringe
    already has the right amount of medication, don’t try to squeeze the
    bubble out—the bubble is safe to inject, and it’s important to inject
    all the medication.

The injection should be given in the fatty areas at the sides of your waist. Switch sides each time you have the injection. To give the injection, follow these steps:

1) Choose a site for the injection and wipe the skin with an alcohol

2) Sit or lie down so that you’re comfortable and you can see your

3) Gently pinch about an inch of skin. Hold the syringe at a 90-degree
    angle to the skin (straight out from the skin), and push the needle all
    the way in. To reduce bruising, do not move the needle once it’s
    inserted into the skin. Do not pull back on the needle once it is

4) Slowly push the plunger to inject all of the medicine, still pinching the
    skin. Count to 10 before you pull the needle out.

5) Pull the needle straight out, at the same angle you inserted it.

6) Your syringe may have a safety shield. If it does, after removing the
    needle, push the plunger until you hear the click and the safety
    shield covers the needle.

7) Put the used syringe in a plastic or metal container with a tight lid.
    Don’t put it right into the trash. When the container is full, close the
    lid and put the container in the trash.

8) If there is bleeding at the injection site, press a tissue on the site for
    up to 3 minutes. Do not rub the site--rubbing can increase bruising.

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