Why is it important for a mother to take out some time for herself?

Mia Redrick

She’s able to share more of who she is with her family.  For example, if being healthy and exercising is important to mom, she’s sharing that with the family.  She's probably cooking healthy, doing fun things with the family, and looking to move her body.  When mothers nurture themselves, it allows their kids to get to know them even more intimately.  She is mentally stronger and emotionally well, which allows to be a more present parent.

Lisa Oz
Health Education

In our effort to take care of everyone around us, we mothers usually end up neglecting ourselves. This neglect is not just physical. Along with forgetting to take our own vitamins often comes skipping showers, eschewing sleep, and reading nothing but the backs of cereal boxes.

The stressed, unfulfilled, overworked parent is a less than an optimal parent. Making time for yourself is not about narcissism. It is a means of recharging and refocusing so you can reconnect with your family. A woman, who has no sense of who she is other than "mother," risks becoming bitter when the kids grow up and leave the house, taking her identity with them. It is crucial that you permit yourself to have a modicum of independence from your duties as wife, mother, and daughter.

Indulge a passion. Express your inner creativity. Learn a new skill that will stimulate your body and/or mind. Do anything that reminds you that you have value to the world as something more than a broodmare. Then, when you go back to the kids and family, you will have much more to share with them - even if it is just the knowledge that rings are probably better on fingers.

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