What are signs my child is in trouble online?

Michele Borba

Watch for behaviors that are not typical for your child that could mean Internet troubles. Here are a few signs to watch for:

  • Look for troublesome, marked changes in your teen’s behavior or personality that persist and are different from his “normal”
  • Withdraws from friends or falls behind in schoolwork
  • Trouble sleeping, loss of appetite, excessively moody or crying, seems depressed or sullen
  • Suspicious phone calls, e-mails, and packages arrive at home
  • Your credit card statement lists suspicious purchases
  • Spends unusually and longer hours online in a more tense pensive tone
  • Recoils in horror if asked to show a text or activity; avoids discussions about Internet activity
  • Refuses to allow access or nervous when you view his online profile together
  • Jumps, nervous, or upset when an email or text comes in
  • Sneaky or secretive: stops typing, covers screen, hits delete, shuts computer when you’re close
  • Changes passwords frequently; doesn’t want to give you his user name/password; uses multiple online accounts or an account that is not their own
  • Unusually upset if cannot use the computer
  • Laughs excessively while using the computer
  • Overly happy when gets off the computer (may be starting a relationship with someone online)

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