How do I help my teenager get home safely from a party?

Michele Borba
Create “just in case” safety nets. We need to make sure our teens know what to do if they are in a tough situation and they can always turn to us as an “out.” You want your teen home safely.
  • Make a safety “what if” plan. Discuss with your teen about what to do if he finds himself in a situation where alcohol (or any other problem that he knows could be trouble) is present. Set up a secret code that he can use to text you. It will help him save face with his friends. No teen wants to make a phone call to a parent when a peer might be there to overhear. So tell your teen: “If you text ‘555′ I’m going to come and get you -- and whoever else needs a ride, ASAP. No lecture -- just a huge thank you that you called.”
  • Stress, you are available. He can call or text you at any time, and that you will be awake and available to come, without judgment.
  • Give the phone number and money for a cab. Give options!
Then don’t forget to remind them to enjoy their big night. Prom and graduations are once-in-a-lifetime experiences that every adolescent should enjoy -- and come home safely!

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