How can I educate myself about what my kids see online?

Michele Borba

The first step to parenting cyber-kids is becoming knowledgeable about the Internet. Only then can you set the right family cyber-guidelines and be hands-on in monitoring a child’s virtual world. Here are ways to be your family’s webmaster:

  • Get educated about your child’s virtual world. Take a course. Look for workshops in your community. Ask the school’s technology expert. You can’t monitor what you don’t understand and or be part of your child’s cyber-world. You must be able to log onto your child’s sites, create personal profiles to befriend her, and use the browser so you can visit and check her online world. Also stay current with positive things and negative things youth are doing online.
  • Learn net lingo. Know abbreviations and code words for texting and instant messaging so you can be involved in your child’s online world. Google “Texting Abbreviations,” “Online Language,” or “Net Language” and cheat sheets will appear.

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