Can sexy advertising messages harm my daughter?

Michele Borba
Keep in mind that it isn’t just one advertisement or one commercial or one pair of sneakers that affects a young girl’s self-concept, but the constant slew of images pushing a “too fast, too soon” look. And that’s exactly what our girls are exposed to these days. The “constant” seeing or hearing over-sexualized messages is what can be damaging to a young girl’s mental, emotional or moral well being.

The type of damage or the extent of that damage depends upon each particular girl. We do know younger girls (especially those seven to 12 years old) and those with lower self-esteem are more vulnerable. But these “too many, too fast, too much, too sexualized, too soon” messages are not healthy for any girl’s self-image or body image.

That’s why we should be concerned about the onslaught of these sexualized messages on our daughters.

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