How can I establish morning routines with my kids?

Lynne Kenney
You might wish to define a separate routine for each child or keep them all the same, depending on your style and family needs. If you have one bathroom, for example, you might stagger getting up, getting dressed and morning bath routines so that your hallway is not the site for an early morning family feud.

I notice that children understand things in groups of 3’s and 5’s, so you might begin your early morning routine with the first three things that happen in the morning: you get up, make your bed and eat breakfast - 1-2-3. It’s very simple. After the first 3 are established you can add 3 more: You get up, make your bed, eat your breakfast…and get dressed, brush your teeth and grab your backpack…and you’re done. They will begin to experience mastery and competence by knowing what they need to do and accomplishing their daily tasks.

TIP: It may help your children if you get them each a marker board and write out the morning and evening routines for each child. Then hang the boards on each child’s bedroom door. They can check their routines each morning and evening to see exactly what comes next.

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