Parent-Child Relationship

How can I engage my child in face-to-face interaction?

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    One-on-one communication enhances the parent-child relationship, boosts communication and allows parents to model those essential interpersonal social and emotional skills our tech-dependent kids so desperately need.

    To help encourage eye contact, face-to-face interaction and tuning in to one another enforce one family rule: "Always look at the color of the talker's eye."

    Take time for those crucial informal chats! Discussion topics are endless if you're needing some. A big hint: use your children's world. For instance:
    • Clip interesting articles from the newspaper.
    • Discuss the new movie reviews.
    • Debate who is going to win that big game or the election (and who really should).
    • Go online and peruse your kids' school website to chat about those upcoming activities.
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