Is there a cure for pancreatitis?

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  • Pancreatitis may be cured if it is acute. With acute pancreatitis, your pancreas may suffer minor tissue damage and inflammation from the digestive enzymes. However, once the cause of the acute pancreatitis, like gallstones, is removed, the pancreas often repairs itself and function returns to normal. Unfortunately, once you have had pancreatitis you are more susceptible to having another attack of acute pancreatitis or having it turn into chronic pancreatitis.

    If you have chronic pancreatitis, cures are not available and you will be affected by pancreatitis and the damage it does throughout your life. Diet and lifestyle changes, such as eating low-fat foods and cutting out alcohol and cigarettes, may keep pancreatitis symptoms to a minimum. Due to permanent scarring, reduced enzyme secretion, and cell and tissue damage from chronic pancreatitis, the functioning of your pancreas is unable to return to normal.

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