Will I be charged for anesthesia services?

Like other medical specialists, the anesthesiologist will charge for professional services, and this fee will be separate from the surgeon's fee or the hospital's charges. The anesthesiologist's fee reflects the high level of professional care that the anesthesiologist provides for you during the hospital visit.

Before you are put to sleep by an anesthesiologist, it's a very good idea before your surgery to confirm that the anesthesiologist is 'in network' with your insurance plan. Many patients have come to Guardian Nurses to ask for help dealing with hospital bills that they've gotten after their surgery. The bills claim that the anesthesia was delivered by an "out of network" provider. While the hospital and the surgeon may be "in network," occasionally, anesthesia groups are not yet contracted with the insurance provider and so, bills are sent separately to the patient.

Don't be caught sleeping! Confirm before your surgery or you'll be facing a headache afterward.

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