I have pain on one side of my low back; is there a stretch for this?

There are several stretches that can target specific areas. My personal favorite is self myofascial release (foam roller). Roller is easy to maneuver to areas of concern.

Yes, there is a good stretch for this. Lay on your side over a stability ball with the side you want to stretch pointing up. Be sure your feet are on the ground for balance. Just take a few deep breaths, relax, and reach over the ball to feel the stretch.

Brian Yee
Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
The most common muscle that is strained on the side of your back is the quadratus lumborum (QL). The QL attaches from the side and bottom of your rib cage to the top of your pelvis. There is a right and left QL and when it contracts it side bends your spine, as well as extends the back.

Lets say your right QL feels tight - to stretch this:

1. While sitting place a thick book or half foam roll under your opposite / left hip.

2. Lean to the left, away from your painful side, fulcruming over the roll and left hip.

3. Slightly bend forward and rotate towards the right. Keep your right hip bone on the seat.

4. You should feel a nice stretch on the right side where the QL muscle is.

This stretch should not cause increased back pain or nerve symptoms down the leg. Please consult with a qualified health practitioner to display proper technique.

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