How can I heal my pain?

Lisa Oz
Health Education

Once you have embraced your pain, let it go. Do not dwell on it or allow it to grow. Move forward by living in the moment. Worry over the future and regret for the past are forms of self-torture. Forgive anyone who is even partially responsible for your ordeal. This is not for their sake. It is for yours. Clinging to resentment, anger, and blame perpetuates and prolongs the anguish of the original assault.

Freeing yourself from negativity through forgiveness is the only way you will ever fully heal. To hold the pain, to be present to the experience, and then release it requires great strength, but this is the only way to consciously integrate the lessons of suffering. Using the principles of alchemy, we see that our transformation requires both light and dark. We endure the fire of purification, bathe in the water of hard learned truth, die as the ego is stripped away - one attachment at a time - and finally emerge, like the phoenix.

However, the suffering alone it is not enough. Some people let their pain make them harder, crueler, and more selfish. We must make a choice, and that choice is to surrender. We must relinquish our ego attachments and place ourselves in the flow of divine providence. When our anguish brings us to our knees; it will be in the position of prayer. As we communicate with God, our pain will be transformed into compassion, gratitude, and wisdom. This transformation will give us the ability to love and serve others more completely, and help us redeem our suffering.

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