When should I call the doctor about my child's stomach pain?

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    Infants and toddlers often can’t tell you that their tummy hurts, so it can take some detective work on your part to figure out when you really need to call and have your child evaluated. The following signs and symptoms should be taken seriously because they may indicate a more pressing medical issue.
    Call your pediatrician or schedule an appointment right away if any of the following is true:
    • your child looks sick
    • pain is severe (especially in the lower right side)
    • pain is worsening
    • pain is constant for more than 2 hours
    • swollen or distended and tender belly
    • no interest in eating favorite food
    • persistent vomiting
    • persistent diarrhea
    • bloody, dark, or grape jelly-looking poop
    • can’t jump up and down without pain (referring to toddlers, of course)
    • can’t walk or walks hunched over (again, only applies to toddlers)
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