What would happen if we didn't feel pain?

A few unfortunate individuals have a congenital absence of pain sensation. They do not fare well due to repeated bodily insults that go unnoticed. People with an acquired deficiency in the pain sensation (e.g., diabetic neuropathy or neurosyphilis) can develop a severe destructive arthritis -- a result of repeated minor joint injuries that are overlooked. 

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Pain is your body telling you that you have hurt it. This is a good thing, important when you are injured. It can also help diagnose problems with your body. Sometimes pain continues long after it's necessary. Amputees report phan...

tom pain in the legs or arms they no longer have. There are different kinds of pain, and describing the type is useful in diagnosis: recurring, constant, steady, knife-like, radiating, sharp, dull. Medicines that dull pain are analgesics. Those that kill all feeling are anesthetics.

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