What causes numbness in my feet?

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    Several things may cause numbing in your feet. One cause could be from diabetes. When diabetes is untreated, unrecognized, or undertreated it can cause damage to your nerves. This condition is known as neuropathy.

    Another cause could come from circulatory problems in your feet. If you are wearing shoes that are too tight, the circulation, or blood flow, to your feet can be decreased. If you have unknown, untreated, or undertreated high blood pressure, this too can cause circulation problems, which could lead to numbness in your feet.  

    If you have any type of decreased flow to or from your feet, numbness in your feet may also arise.

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    Numbness can be caused by a variety of origins. 

    First does it make sense? Does your back hurt or legs? Do you have diabetes or any other disease that causes numbness?

    As a Chiropractor, I look to the spine as the cause, as an Ayurvedic practitioner I look to the diet and lifestyle.

    Treatment might include a diet low in sugar and rich in green vegetable for the B vitamins. I might suggest a strong B vitamin as a first inexpensive try.

    Chiropractic adjustments to the lower back if indicted, though subluxation anywhere in the spine might affect numbness in the feet.

    I have had success even with long term numbness with Avalon Light Therapy and massage to increase circulation.


  • The most common cause would be a peripheral neuropathy which is a length dependent degeneration of the nerves that start far away from the cell body of the nerve which lies next to the spine. The first symptoms are typically burning or numbness in the toes that may gradually ascend upwards.

    Another cause of numbness in the feet is thoracic or lumbar spinal stenosis causing compression of the back side of the spinal cord called the the dorsal columns. The dorsal columns carries position and vibration sensation from the feet. In addition, nerve root compression at the L5 or S1 level in the low back can also be associated with numbness in the feet.

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