How can I help my child with pain after hospitalization?

Your child may be well enough to leave the hospital before all her pain is gone. These are things you can do:

  • Give medications just as the doctor prescribes.
  • Treat nausea. Some pain medications cause nausea and vomiting. Ask your doctor or nurse how to introduce foods in a way that prevents nausea.
  • Feed your child healthy foods. Start with simple foods such as cooked cereal, applesauce and toast. Greasy foods (such as hamburgers or fries) can cause nausea.
  • Treat constipation. Encourage your child to drink fluids and eat high-fiber foods such as whole-grain bread.
  • Keep a normal routine. Help your child wake up, eat, bathe and do what she can at the times she normally does.
  • Balance activity and rest. Help balance between normal activity and the rest she needs for recovery.
  • Maintain the rules. Have your child keep the normal rules of your household. Have her do what is normally expected of her and other people in the house.
  • Spend time together. As your child gets better and you move back into your normal routine, be sure to make time to be together and talk about what she's going through.

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