Aside from medication, what can help ease my child's pain?

In addition to medications, your child needs love and understanding from you and other caregivers. Here are some things that might make your child feel better.
  • Talk with your child. Be honest with your child and prepare her for what may be happening next. Let her make choices whenever possible.
  • Touch your child. Rubbing your child's back, arms, legs, or feet may take her mind off the pain. If your child is unable to move on her own, change her position from time to time. If medical equipment is in the way, ask if it can be moved.
  • Apply cold or heat. Cold packs can reduce swelling and help with short-term pain. Warmth can soothe aching muscles and stiff joints. Ask your healthcare providers for direction before using cold or heat.
  • Help your child think about something else. Ask your child to describe her favorite place, using all her senses. What does it look like? What can you smell, hear, or taste there? How does it feel?
  • Help your child relax. Deep breathing and relaxation exercises can help your child relax and feel better. Your healthcare providers can give you ideas about this.
  • Distract your child with music or games. Play your child's favorite music. Sing to your child or have your child sing. Let her play a handheld electronic game.

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