What devices should my child avoid if he has a pacemaker?

Follow these guidelines in caring for your child's pacemaker:
  • Avoid strong electromagnetic fields. Your child should stay away from:
  • High-intensity power lines or radio towers; magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) equipment; combustion motors 
  • Don't let your child lean over the hood of a running car or touch the spark plug or distributor on a running car or lawn mower 
  • Radio transmitters, such CB radios, ham radios, or antennas used to control toys
  • Don't linger around anti-theft detection devices at store or building entrances. Walk through them at a normal pace.
  • Have your child keep any cell phone or MP3 player 6 inches away from the pacemaker if it is on.
  • Computers and small household appliances are safe as long as they are in good working order.
  • Airport screening is safe. Screening devices may set off an alarm, but they won't harm the device. If your child sets off an alarm, show your child's device ID. Ask security not to search your child with the hand-held screening wand, since it contains a magnet.

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