Can I use a cell phone or microwave oven if I have a pacemaker?

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  • Microwave ovens, electric blankets, remote controls for TV, and other common household appliances won’t affect your pacemaker. You can use a cell phone, too, if you take these steps:
    • Hold the phone to the ear on the side of your body opposite from your pacemaker.
    • When your phone is on, try to keep it at least six inches away from your pacemaker. For example, don’t carry your phone in your breast pocket over your pacemaker.
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  • It is possible that a cellular phone might interfere with the normal functioning of your pacemaker (a surgically implanted device used to regulate your heart rhythm). The interaction is temporary, however, and will only affect the pacemaker during the time that your cellular phone is close to your pacemaker. To avoid this potential interference, it is recommended that you hold the cellular phone on the opposite side of your body away from the pacemaker. You should also not store your cellular phone in your breast pocket. You should always try to maintain a distance of at least 6 inches between your cellular phone and your pacemaker system.
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