Managing Your Overactive Bladder

What You Need to Know About Overactive Bladder (OAB) Drinking excessive coffee or alcohol could raise your risk.
What Causes Overactive Bladder?
How Your Bladder Actually Works
5 Big Reasons You Pee So Much

Are your bathroom breaks interrupting your life? This could be why.

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Is an Overactive Bladder Serious?
5 Ways to Fight Urinary Incontinence

What embarrassing health secret do many women of a certain age share but rarely 'fess up to? Bladder problems. We're talking dribbles, sudden leaks, a...

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9 Foods and Drinks to Avoid for a Better Bladder
6 Habits That Impact Bladder Control

There is a strong link between diet and bladder control. Specific foods and drinks, portion sizes, and the time of day a person eats and drinks can al...

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Worst Case Scenario: I Hold In My Pee

Can waiting to go cause health problems? We asked an expert.

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Must-Know Facts About Overactive Bladder
Tips for Living With Overactive Bladder (OAB)
5 Easy, All-Natural Ways to Stop Peeing So Much
Bladder Problems? Do Kegels

What embarrassing health secret do teen athletes, guys in their 40s to 90s, middle-age women, and military parachute trainees share but rarely 'fess u...

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3 Embarrassing Bladder Problems and How to Plug the Leaks

At times, your bladder may not to do what it’s supposed to do (hold onto urine until you’re ready to relieve yourself), leading to anxiety...

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Fast Facts About Overactive Bladder
Worst Case Scenario: I'm Holding It In
Overactive Bladder Treatments
What's Really Happening in the Bladder When You Have OAB