What are the warning signs of ovarian cancer?

Ovarian cancer can cause the following signs and symptoms but so can many other conditions. If you have any of these every day for two weeks, consult your healthcare provider:
  • pain in your abdomen
  • upset stomach
  • swollen or bloated abdomen
  • frequent urination
  • unusual vaginal bleeding
  • fatigue
  • ovarian mass
Only your healthcare provider can tell you what is causing your symptoms. If you have symptoms that could be due to ovarian cancer, your healthcare provider can use different tests to determine the cause. These procedures could include blood tests as well as x-rays, sonogram (ultrasound) and computed tomography (CT) scans. 
Dr. Mehmet Oz, MD
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Concerned about ovarian cancer? Be vigilant and listen to your body for the following ovarian cancer warning signs:

- Bloating or increased abdominal size that occurs almost every day and persists for at least two weeks.
- Pelvic or abdominal pain that occurs on most days for two to three weeks.
- Difficulty eating or early satiety (feeling full earlier); cancer affects the ability of the intestines to hold ingested food.
- Going to the bathroom more often than usual may also be a sign of a growing cancer, though it is more commonly caused by urinary tract infections.
- A personal or family history of cancer -- especially breast, ovarian, or colon cancer -- should add to your concern for developing cancer in the future.

If you have symptoms one through four, see your physician, who can provide a full physical exam and administer an ovarian cancer test.
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Diljeet K. Singh, MD
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There are some subtle warning signs of ovarian cancer, but they are vague and could be symptoms of other issues. In this video, gynecologic oncologist Diljeet Singh, MD, explains how anything new, different and persistent is what you should focus on.

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