Ovarian Cancer

Does using birth control reduce my risk of ovarian cancer?

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    Dr. Barbara Goff - Does using birth control reduce my risk of ovarian cancer?

    Watch as gynecologic oncologist Dr. Barbara Goff explains whether or not using birth control will reduce the risk of ovarian cancer.

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    Dr. Robin Miller - Birth control pills and the risk of ovarian cancer
    Wondering if your birth control pills help reduce your risk of ovarian cancer?

    Watch my video to learn more about how birth control affects your risk of ovarian cancer.

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    The short answer is yes. One of the theories about ovarian cancer (and it is JUST theoretical), is the principle of incessant ovulation: the more times a woman ovulates (i.e., has a normal menstrual cycle) in her life, the higher her risk of ovarian cancer. If a woman uses birth control pills for five years, she lowers her risk of ovarian cancer by 40-50 percent.
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    Dr. Donnica Moore - Does using birth control reduce my risk of ovarian cancer?

    Watch as women's health expert and advocate Dr. Donnica Moore explains how using birth control pills may reduce the risk of developing ovarian cancer.

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    Women who are on the birth control pill have a lower than average risk of ovarian cancer, and this protection from the disease appears to last for at least 5-10 years after discontiuing the pill. 

    The greatest decrease in risk is seen in women who used the birth control pill for 5 or more years.

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    Birth Control pills and other hormonal contraception such as the vaginal ring absolutely reduce the risk of ovarian cancer. The numbers vary among the different studies, but three to five years of hormonal contraception use reduces the risk of ovarian cancerby 50-80%.  This protection seems to last for many years even after the pills or ring are discontinued.
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