How can I learn my risk for osteoporosis?

Your osteoporosis risk can be assessed with a simple and painless bone density test that measures the amount of mineral, usually calcium, in a bone. A doctor’s prescription is necessary for a test.

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Who is most at risk for developing osteoporosis?
Pascal Bordy, MDPascal Bordy, MD
Osteoporosis causes more than 8.9 million broken bones (or fractures) every year. About 75 million p...
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How do low sex hormone levels increase a man's risk for osteoporosis?
David Slovik, MDDavid Slovik, MD
Men produce both estrogen and testosterone. Experts believe that age-related declines in testost...
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Is osteoporosis just a part of aging?
Harris H. McIlwain, MDHarris H. McIlwain, MD
No. Although years ago osteoporosis was considered as much a part of aging as wrinkles or gray h...
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The Link Between Sleep Apnea and Osteoporosis
The Link Between Sleep Apnea and Osteoporosis

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