Will losing weight help prevent osteoarthritis?

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    YES!! Each pound puts 4 pounds of extra weight on your knee on the level and 7 pounds more in going down stairs. Losing weight will definitely cut your risk Morimoto style, especially in the knee and hip. And we’re not talking about losing 75 pounds. Even losing around 10 pounds can slash your risk of getting knee arthritis almost in half.

  • Weight loss does help prevent osteoarthritis (OA) by decreasing the amount of "work" your joints have to do to support your body. However, it will not completely prevent OA. Weight loss is also very important for limiting the pain and progression of QA.
  • If you're overweight or obese, losing weight may help prevent osteoarthritis, especially in the knee and hip. A number of studies show that staying at a healthy weight or losing weight lowers the risk of osteoarthritis. In one study, losing an average of just 11 pounds cut the risk of getting knee arthritis almost in half. If you already have knee arthritis and are overweight, losing weight may help reduce pain and improve mobility.



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    Losing weight may go a long way toward preventing osteoarthritis (OA), especially OA of the knee. The less weight you put on your joints, the less wear and tear you put on the cartilage inside them and the lower your risk of OA. In fact, one important long-running study of people with knee OA showed that being just slightly overweight is enough to significantly increase a woman's risk of knee OA. And losing just 11 pounds is enough to significantly reduce her risk. Start eating healthy and exercising now.
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