Can joint replacement be done with minimally invasive surgery?

Dr. William A. Leone, MD
Orthopedic Surgeon

Every joint replacement surgery should be done using as minimally invasive a technique as possible, while emphasizing precise component positioning and soft tissue balance. There are times when making a larger incision or releasing more soft tissue is “less invasive” because if it were not done, tissues would be torn and more bleeding would result.

Joint replacement can be done with minimally invasive surgery. Over time, the surgical approaches for joint replacement have been refined. With less disruption of the soft tissues, it is expected that people will have less postoperative pain with minimally invasive surgery for joint replacement. This should be discussed with a surgeon.

Total joint replacement can be done with minimally invasive surgery, but finding a surgeon trained to use minimally invasive surgery can be a challenge.

Joint replacement surgery is a major procedure. It requires a highly trained and specialized team of healthcare professionals.

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