Do I have to wear braces on the outside of my teeth?

Most traditional braces are worn on the outside of the teeth, but there are alternatives. Braces can be placed on the inside of the teeth although the results may take longer and some people may find this uncomfortable. Another possible alternative is to try a system of clear trays called Invisalign. I suggest you ask your orthodontist about possible alternatives to traditional braces.
There are alternatives to wearing braces on the outside of your teeth. Some people are self-conscious about wearing braces. So orthodontists have invented braces to wear on the inside of the teeth, called "lingual braces," or iBraces. There are also invisible braces that use plastic trays that are custom-fit to your teeth, called Invisalign. These may be more expensive than traditional metal brackets. Talk to your orthodontist about the option best for you.

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