Am I too old to get braces?

Dante A. Gonzales, DMD
Orthodontics & Dentofacial Orthopedics
The most common age for getting braces is 11 to 12. However, Dante Gonzales, DMD, explains in this video that as long as the mouth is healthy, orthodontic work can be done at any age.
Treatment that begins while a child is growing helps produce optimal results. That doesn’t mean that adults can’t have braces; healthy teeth can be orthodontically treated at any age.

Treatment plans will vary based on your situation, but most people are in treatment from one to three years. This is followed by a period of wearing a retainer that holds teeth in their new positions.
Gregory J. Jorgensen, DMD
Orthodontics & Dentofacial Orthopedics
Do you still have teeth? If so, then you're not too old! Although the objectives of treatment might change as you grow older, patients of all ages can benefit by having their bite and smile improved. My oldest patient to date... 83 years old!

The oldest orthodontic patient of which I am aware was 72 years of age when the braces were removed. So, too old is definitely not a word that applies to someone who desires to have their teeth straightened. Other factors may prevent wearing braces, but not age alone.

Braces are not only for the young, even though the majority of people who have braces are adolescents. It has been estimated the one out of every five people, or 20% of people who see an orthodontist, is an adult. Braces can be worn at any age as long as teeth are healthy.

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